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Organized activity in Women’s Day

Our company organized all female staff for “interesting sports competition on Women’s day” activity on March 7, 2017 in order to celebrate Women’s Day, enrich the female staff’s amateur cultural life, activate the campus cultural atmosphere, show the female staff in our company, improve their health status, and let them have a healthy, harmonious, happy, warm, memorable and meaningful holiday.  

At 15 o’clock on March 8, the interesting sports competition was started officially, all female staff in our company participated in the tug-of-war, huge padfoot, table tennis, nose posting and other activities with enthusiasm and activity. In the whole process, Liu Benyang, the general manager led the company’s leaders to cheer the participating female staff in the sports field, many male staff came to propose the suggestions and make the corresponding guidance for their team member, and all female staff tried to show themselves on the field.

The implementation of the activity enhanced the staff’s consciousness to note their own physical and mental health, cheered their mood, harmonized the interpersonal relationship, and improved the staff’s cooperation and team consciousness. 


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